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The Advantages Of Operating Safety

Güvenli Kullanım, Safe Usage, makintek, Çalışma Güvenliği Avantajları

Safe Usage
In any emergency situation, emergency stop activates with emergency key under control pendant and in the machine and all units of energy key on the machine by the operator.
This key is also available on lifting group on the board as standard.

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User's Health
Makintek cranes use 24 V as a standard control. Against the possibility of isolation problem caused by any damage in control , the command that contacts with the operator's hand products low-voltage energy.

Alt ve Üst Limit Switch, Lower and Upper Limit Switch,Çalışma Güvenliği Avantajları, makintek

Lower and Upper Limit Switch
Upper and lower limits of the hook can be adjusted with a single screwdriver at any timerequested. Danger of falling materials has been minimized against operator faults.

makintek, Aşırı Yük Switchi, Overload Switch, Çalışma Güvenliği Avantajları

Overload Switch
Overload limit switch is standard on all systems. It warns overload capacity of operators by not doing lifting movement. It is also extremely reliable.

makintek, Düzgün Hızlanma ve Yavaşlama, Proper acceleration and deceleration

Proper Acceleration and Deceleration
Sudden acceleration and decleration that operators called stop / start setting have been prevented due to the standard electrical systems. According to the request of operator, any kind of stop-start and speed settings can be done.

makintek, Mafsal Tip Yürüyüş Sistemi, Hinge Type Walking System

Hinge Type Walking System
Head system of Makintek crane’s trolley lifting groups is toggles. This joint system distributes equal load to the wheels on each tonnage.