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The Advantages Of Maintenance And Repair
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The Advantages Of Maintenance And Repair

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Maintenance Platform
Maintenance platform is available in all single girder, double girder cranes and in trolley cranes. Bridge electrical panel is on this platform and it provides safety and dangerless maintenance and repair work.

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Easy Maintenance
When a failure occurs in anywhere on Makintek cranes, each piece can be divided from the main body and can be easily maintained.

Both the structure of the mechanism and the electrical system has been designed on the logic of remove-insert completely.

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Long - Lived Product
Makintek Cranes are equipped with PTC, termic, phase production, emergency, up-down limit switch, bridge walking switches and mechanical overload protection system and extremely safe.

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Compulsory Periodical Controls
Makintek performs the compulsory checks of its purchuased cranes once every three months periodically until the warranty period and certificate them free.

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Direct Drive System
Due to walkings driven from wheel hubs, breakdown and wearings are in minimum level.

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Warranty of Makintek Cranes is 2 years except the problems caused by operator and the cranes that our company has not install.